Tab: "Marigolds" by Glen Phillips by Glen Phillips
Transcribed by michael a. mazur

Intro and verses, simile:

         C        G           Em       F

   C        Em          F

  C          G            Em        F
i sit on the bed watching evening descend

       C          Em        F
with a fistful of marigolds

        C            G              Em       F
and the dim light is traced on your skeleton face

     C           Em       F
your hands are impossibly cold


   D/F#          E/G#                 Am       Am/G

   D/F#                 G                   E/G#

  Am        Am/G        F

D/F#             E/G#
close my eyes to see

         Am       Am/G      D/F#
if i can feel you in the air

i want to breathe you in me

it makes me dizzy

              Am      Am/G  F
but there's nobody there

Repeat Intro


now i'm washing your feet
i pull on your clothes
and i hide all yor pills away
but my criminal mind is on women and wine
as they finally drag you away


i want to write you letters
all apologies and praise
i could have loved you better
but now i'll never have any chance again


           C     Em          Am   F
though you would forgive me

        C Em         Am   Am/G   Bb
you are nowhere near me


so i sit on your bed watching morning come in
holding poppies and marigolds