Tab: "There Comes a Time"
    by Glen Phillips / Toad the Wet Sprocket
Transcribed by Michael A. Mazur

Acoustic Guitar, Capo 4

This is a pretty loose arrangement, and I've been very lazy in
tabbing out every strum, picking pattern, and flourish. But with
that in mind, you should be able to play around and get a good
feel for this song.


Gadd6  - 320030
A7sus4 - x02030
A(6)   - x024xx
Bmadd6 - x2403x
F#7    - 244320     (fret the 6th string with your thumb)
D/F#   - 20023x
G5/D   - x500xx

everything else is the obvious voicing of common chords

Intro: Two sections of this are marked for future reference. For
the intro, however, just play through them in the order they

              D5       Bmadd6   D5

    Riff A
    A                 Asus4

    Riff B
    D5                     G



Dsus2               A            Gadd6 A7sus4 (w/ riff C)
   there comes a time in your life

Dsus2             A(6) A         Bmadd6  A7sus4    G*
   to put on your coat and go outside

* on the G chord, hammer on the 5th string, 2nd fret again

   Riff C
   Gadd6                  A7sus4


F#7                   A    Asus2 A Asus2
taste the vinegar and find

a bitter life

D/F#    G
taste a second time

the sweet surprise

the sweet surprise


it's not that hard to figure it out
when there's no question there's no doubt


we're burned in effigy inside
senseless time
to view the miracle of the wine

                  A    Asus4 (w/ Riff A)
still is wine and that is my crime

Repeat Riff B twice simile


there's a face in the storm
we let it out to find its home


to shape the testament of will
the strongest will
pride humility
a bitter pill

a bitter pill


Bm    F#         G5/D    E
sweet surrender, oh my   lord

D     A           Em     G
never thought i'd see

Bm     F#         G5/D    E
not surprised and still i find

     G*      D/F#
some shaking cry

A   Asus2           (w/ Riff D)
           laughing softly

   Riff D


there comes a time in your life

Dsus2               A              Bb   A7  A7sus4
     to put on your coat and go outside